Hey you, yeah YOU. I have something to say to you and I need your full attention. Did you know how amazing you are, JUST the way you are? Don’t shake your head at me, because baby, you are a SUPERSTAR. You want to know why?

Because of your choices, that’s why. You are HERE, breathing, living, seeing…and that ALL matters. It means you CHOSE to be here. Did you know that you CAN live your life exactly the way you want and not give one single fuck what anyone else thinks? That’s right, you CAN.

Find the courage to express what you really want, and then DO IT! The answer may not be what you expect, but then again it may. Reject fear, kick fear to the CURB; fear is not welcome in the awesome world you live in! Either way, you be YOU. Mark Manson, author of ” The subtle art of not giving a fuck” said  ” 


Be comfortable in your skin, with who you are. YOU control you, and it is time to stop worrying and seeking approval from others. I challenge you to not give a single fuck for one day. just be you, because you are WONDERFUL. HEY! Yes you are,  I see you shaking your head. Go look in the mirror right now. Go on, i have plenty of time. Ok, ya there? Now, look at yourself. REALLY look at yourself. Admire the angles on your face, your skin, the body god gave you. Take a deep breath and loudly reverberate it outward…ahhhh. Felt good, didn’t it? Now, I want you to look deep into your own eyes. Stare at yourself a minute, before you open your mouth and say allowed : I matter.  Louder, I know you can do it louder than that. I MATTER! Believe it, feel the rush within you, the curiosity, the excitement, the timidness of saying that aloud. Embrace that, accept it.  I want you to do this every morning; and then I want you to add other lines, whatever feels right: I am AWESOME! I am a FUCKING ROCKSTAR! I don’t give a SINGLE FUCK! Keep it up everyday, and start experiencing the change within you, the rush of euphoric happiness from starting a journey of love with YOU.




Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*



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