Have you ever just felt ” I am not enough”? We all have those sinking feelings of inadequacy that haunt us, often daily.  Well, I am here to tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Your existence in this world is enough, you just need to believe it.

You are enough

Now, look. When I say you are enough it does NOT mean you have been sized up, and judged and determined to finally be enough. It just simply means the who you are ,RIGHT NOW, is enough. You are your own worth, AND you are worthy.

Hey You

I want you to repeat after me: I am worthy of abundance, of happiness, of prosperity , of kindness, of good fortune, of loving relationships, of adventure, and every day after this I promise to remember : I AM ENOUGH. Now go on, get out there and rock your life. you totally deserve it!

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XOXO Fans, 

Dramatique Erin

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