I know what your thinking” Why should I recycle my clothing, I just want to get rid of the old and bring in the brand spanking new”!

I want to bring to light WHY you should be recycling instead of just tossing!

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Here are reasons you should be recycling, and how you can help the earth:

1.) Donating clothes helps people in need.By donating your clothes you are helping underprivileged families, also some people just prefer shopping at thrift stores as a way of saying “NO” to huge corporate fashion conglomerates that want to overcharge us for their fast fashion.

2.)Recycling clothes really helps our environment. Recycling helps to reduce the need for new goods.It also means that less energy is needed, less raw materials are needed which equals: LESS POLLUTION!

3.)Recycling can actually improve our health. What you say? According to an article from Environmental Health Perspectives, “Fast fashion leaves a pollution footprint, with each step of the clothing life cycle generating potential environmental and occupational hazards. The EPA, under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, considers many textile manufacturing facilities to be hazardous waste generators.” These are things we never consider may affect us in terms of not reusing or being committed to recycling our clothing.

Remember, we only have ONE earth, we need to give it some TLC and start treating it better!

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xoxo-Dramatique Erin

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