Tony Robbins did a Ted Talks in 2006 , and in the beginning he said “Decision is the ultimate power”. He went on to say :

“When you ask people, have you ever failed to achieve something significant in your life, and what is the reason they failed to achieve, what do they tell you? Answers could be: Didn’t know enough, didn’t have the money, didn’t have the knowledge, didn’t have the technology, etc. But the defining factor isn’t resources, it’s resourcefulness. If we get the right emotion we have the ability to do anything. If we are creative enough, playful enough, fun enough, you can make things happen. If you don’t have they money but you are creative enough and determined, you find a way. The minute you decide to focus on something you have to give it a meaning, and whatever meaning that is produces emotion.An emotion then creates what we are going to do, and take action”

Why is decision such an ultimate power?  Well,  to echo Tony, we have the power to shape our lives exactly as we want, yet we rely on others, and have not committed ourselves. We not only find a way out, but we open the door so WE don’t have to do it….because we decide it is too hard. Seemingly tiny to big decisions are affecting the quality of your life, and it is time for you to take charge and change that.Short term comfort is not the answer; long term fulfillment in all areas of your love is achievable and necessary. Success comes from long term focus and I am here here to help you lean towards, and achieve that focus.


1.) Start committing to your decisions

You may often hear yourself saying what you’d like to have, rather than making a decision to have it. ” I’d like a big house, I’d like a new pet, I’d like to go on a vacation”. To truly achieve these things you want you must commit to making them happen. ” But I feel scared, Erin!  it is too hard to ACTUALLY  think of going on a long international vacation when I have no money!”  Well, I am here to tell that is fear talking. The sooner you can steer that fear in the other direction the sooner you will open your life up to the freeing reality that ALL of your hopes and dreams are just realities you have not allowed to happen.


2.) Eliminate the need for smaller decisions

It is time to start saving all the mental power to make larger decisions by eliminating the small ones. Like, why decide what you are going to cook for dinner every single night rather than just keeping a house full of yummy food, and simply  making whatever sounds good in the moment? Eliminate the need to “plan”. Let your kids be self sufficient as they get older by doing the same, and making their own meals, and deciding for themselves. Some decisions seem  are bigger, like  cutting a toxic person out of your life, but really they aren’t. If you have lived with the toxicity for this long, than it’s JUST as easy, and more freeing to live without it. Turn these small decisions into routines.


3.) Don’t make your decisions off emotions

Successful people are able to look at their decisions objectively and rationally because  they understand how to steer their emotions. It can be difficult to identify our emotions as they arise but we ultimately know when we are feeling a change from within, we just need to learn where to direct that unidentified emotion before we make life changing decisions. You can not undo something you have already done , even if done out of rash emotion. But you CAN stop yourself before making the decision by taking time to evaluate your emotion.

As humans we are very capable if we allow ourselves to be. Take hold of that power, and harness amazing things. Stop being afraid and start winning at life.


Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*


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