The world we live in is highly competitive in all areas, from business to life; I am going to offer you some helpful tips in boosting your confidence to personally thrive in the competitive world that we live in.


  • Stay Focused – Maintaining perspective of your goals is important.Motivation can wane overtime as we often feel frustrated in knowing that there is competition out there.Trying writing out your goals so they don’t stay in the abstract; engage in active goal setting by seeing them on paper instead of engaging in passive goal setting.


  • Create a mission statement for life – ” But I thought mission statements were just for jobs, Erin?”  No way! Think about what you believe in and want to achieve in life, and how this will help you to thrive on a daily basis. Read this out loud to yourself every day to remind yourself of your purpose!


  • Let go of your ego – Our ego tends to dominate what goes on inside of our heads,and there is no quick fix for taming our ego so we can get out in the world and THRIVE! But a first step towards this daunting process is : meditation. When we meditate we practice self awareness, which in turn helps us to focus and change our perspective. Start with at least 10 minutes per day in a quiet noise free environment and just focus on your breathing. When thoughts enter your head, gently push them away. Work your way up to more than 10 minutes over time!


We don’t have to let the competitiveness of this world rule us, we are only responsible for what WE do, and how we live, so make the most of your fabulous self and begin to THRIVE in this beautiful world!




Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*


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