There is art in everything I do

by Erin Bass

Art, it shines within me always looking for a chance to be seen

It shifts, it wraps itself around me, it is a true friend

It sometimes hides, afraid if people will approve, but in the end I always realize;there is art in everything I do.

Creating, it can take a lifetime to achieve, but giving up can mean a lifetime of sadness

Go! Create! Be you! Your gift matters! You must never give up! Words I often tell myself, words that try to run away, but I catch them, because there is art in everything I do.

My tears seem shameful, but I cry for my beautiful art so then my tears become a shining river of soothing coolness

I worry about the decades, any wonder about the years, but if I focus on the days, I know I will be successful

Color is my life, it makes me yearn to create, and that helps me know; there is art in everything I do.

I have been told ” you are to wild for my taste” and ” are you sure someone would really want that”, and it teaches me to be brave, I must create , I must never give up, I must never let my tears drown me……because there is art in EVERYTHING I do.

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xoxo-Dramatique Erin

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