If there is one thing that I have noticed with all the social media out there, is when I walk away from it on a personal level there is a quietness I feel. That quiet both feels challenging, liberating, and also extremely lonely.  Let’s learn how to get rid of the lonely part, and embrace the realness of human contact and why the coldness of electronic contact is hurting our mental state.

Upon doing research on social media the first thing that really hit me hard was that Wikipedia ACTUALLY has an entry for social media addiction:

“Social media addiction is a proposed diagnosis related to overuse of social media, similar to Internet addiction and other forms of digital media overuse.”

How sick and addicted have we become that it has been imprinted into Wikipedia? You may be cursing me out right now, saying “ I have made so many connections, re- connections on Facebook! I feel so loved!”  But do you? Is your sense of belonging relate-able in the real world?  In a recent article on Psychology Today, research showed that(quote from article):

” Social media use for a minority of individuals is associated with a number of psychological problems, including anxietydepressionlonelinessAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and addiction. Because social media is most frequently accessed via smartphones, their usage is intimately intertwined and their mobile nature contributes to excessive checking habits, which often derives from what is commonly labelled as the ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO).

The fact is that social media is negatively affecting our relationships with others and keeping us from growing lasting relationships that are tangible.

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Here are a couple of tips to stave off social media and start learning how to connect in person:

1.) take apps off of your phone

Most of us use smartphones to access our social media. The draw is there ALL the time to constantly hit those Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram buttons. Remove the temptations or at the very least turn off the notifications as a first step.

2.) Accountability

Hold yourself accountable for sticking to your rules by giving yourself a reward for sticking to it! Maybe you treat yourself to a favorite meal out with a friend, or a little shopping. Reward systems don’t have to just be in place for kids, they can be for you too!

3.) Track your time

This goes hand in hand with accountability, especially if you’re unwilling to delete your apps. Use a time tracker to see how much time you’re REALLY spending on your social media apps. You will be shocked at the hours you have lost.

Look, technology is not all bad, and it HAS had many positive impacts on our lives. I know that I use it heavily for promotion of my business. But when we are using it for validation, seeking out compliments or attention, trying to change our appearance to look good on social media, bragging…..that is when you should know you have a problem. Start creating some tangible relationships, and you will be surprised that you will feel LESS lonely that you did spending so much time online.




Erin Bass

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