Size Fear

I am sure as a woman, you have all had a similar experience: Walk into a clothing store ready to shop for pants, dress,etc; the last pair you bought were let’s say a 12, so you grab a 12 in some nice summery linen pants. After hitting the dressing room, you cannot pull them up! What? How could a 12 not fit? I mean, I WEAR A 12! You get dressed, feeling upset and insecure and quickly grab a 14 and a 16 just to be safe…and the story continues. In an industry like fashion, it SHOULD be a  fun and happy experience to try on potential new clothes, yet we have been reduced to a number, and even at that, we are all different numbers all the time….except we are NOT numbers. We are gorgeous human beings who need to stop allowing ourselves to be reduced to digits.

In the 1950’s a woman(like Marilyn Monroe) who has a 34 inch bust and a 25 inch waist was considered a size 12; nowadays those measurements would apply to about a size 6! Now with all these different clothing brands out there competing for our attention ,they cater their sizes it seems to their target audiences. However the inconsistency with sizing also largely has to do with the these fast fashion clothing items being produced overseas with little understanding as to how deeply different every human body really is. It also doesn’t help that many brands horribly use “vanity sizing” where the actually clothing is bigger that the size indicated in order to make women(sorry guys its mostly women here) feel better about the fact that they are buying a smaller size. BULL! Meanwhile men’ s clothing are based off of measurements, and while women typically fluctuate between 3-5 different sizes, men stay at 1-2.


As a sustainable and upcycled fashion designer, it is very important to me that I am catering to EVERYONE! I don’t care what your beautiful body looks like, if you want to order something custom made from me, I am honored to be chosen as your designer and to create for you. The fast fashion industry is slowing dying out, as well it should be, and I am ready to change the fashion industry by simply measuring and making clothes that fit exactly how my customers want! Take heed if you’re reading this you huge corporate companies making millions off of shaming women: It is UNACCEPTABLE and will no longer be tolerated; these arbitrary numbers that you decide are for all women, is NOT OK. I am ready to fight back, along with other handmade fashion designers to truly start making clothes that simply fit; NO SIZE. Time to start make shopping, both in store AND online a fun and joyous experience! I am here for you ladies, you are ALL BEAUTIFUL!



Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*


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