Custom Upcycled Sweater- Embroidered- Repurposed



****Photo is an example only of a custom upcycled sweater, please do not purchase this listing, you will NOT receive the item in the photo****

How would you like to have your very own custom sweater, denim jacket or shirt? When those pesky holes show up in garments, it can be tempting to throw them away, but please don’t! Not only do we not want to contribute to the earths already overflowing landfill problem, but you could have those holes and stains mended in an artful and unique way, and I am here to help! Or maybe you have a nice, clean palate to start with, and just want a fun, new upcycled piece that you can treasure forever.

All you need to do is use my contact form to email me and we can get started on your dream piece!

Price wholly depends on piece and how much work will be put into it, however prices start at around $200 like the piece you see above. Custom orders take 2-8 weeks to complete depending on complexity of project. Here are some examples of how I can customize an upcycled garment for you:

*Artful and secure mending of holes in an abstract pattern(see above photos), using embroidery thread

*Patchwork fabric sewn on throughout using scraps of fabric

*Fancy and larger embroidery designs (see denim jackets currently in my shop for examples)

I look forward to creating for you!

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