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Meet Helga, the scrappy kitchen witch! She is made from repurposed scraps of colorful fabric and yarn, and lovingly stuffed with cozy organic cotton fiberfill. Bring Helga home, and she will bless all of your cozy recipes in the kitchen!

Features include:

  • Repurposed cotton scraps have been used to create Helga’s body, clothing and hat; repurposed yarn was used for her hair.
  • Clothing, hair, and hat is expertly sewn down, and very sturdy
  • pentacle charm necklace

Measurements :

Helga stands a mighty 19 inches tall and has soft plyable limbs.

Washing instructions:

Helga wishes not to be put through the wash, or sadly that may be the demise of her! You may spot clean her clothing, or body with a soft tooth brush and warm water, no soap. Please do not clean her face  or hair . 

*Be gentle with this beautiful art piece. Helga would thrive best , high on a shelf as a conversation piece, or in a glass cabinet if you truly wish to preserve her. If you care for her well, she will last for years to come*

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