Seeing a hard situation in a positive light

It is no doubt that times are beyond rough right now. I am certain that no one entered 2020 thinking that a pandemic would be happening. It is very easy to dwell on the negative, especially when those around us are getting ill, jobs are being lost, and we are being told to self isolate. 

Self isolation can come easy for some that naturally have an introverted spirit, however it begins to affect ALL when we do not have the freedom to decide if we wish to leave our home and explore the world. This will likely be one of the most catastrophic events that has happened in our lifetime, and certainly a haunting story to share to our future children. So how can we reign in some glowing positivity in all this darkness? One word: GRATITUDE.

How can we practice gratitude in a time of darkness? Well the secret is, you should ALWAYS be practicing, it should be part of your daily life in order to integrate change. It is easy, I promise you. Practicing gratitude may seem simplistic and cheesy, but when you start learning to be grateful for what you DO have rather than what what you don’t have, your life will begin to change. The first and easiest step is to start a gratitude journal.  You can begin by writing 1-3 things you are grateful for daily, however I highly encourage you to work up to 5-10 things per day.  Examples: I am grateful I have my health. I am grateful for the roof over my head, etc…  It is ok to repeat the same thing daily! This is not a test about how many things you can come up with, or any right answer. Close your eyes, peer into your heart and ask: What am I grateful for? Even if it is ‘I am breathing!’ that is wonderful! There is no wrong answer.

Another wonderful step towards practicing gratitude is to say thank you to people.  Expressing gratitude towards those you know, or strangers will fill you with a sense of belonging and happiness. Thank the checker at the grocery store for working hard to provide you with fresh food, thank your family member for the simplicity of making you a cup of tea, thank a friend for asking you how you are doing and being so thoughtful to think of you. It is east to be grateful, and so rewarding when you express it to someone; the smile on their face will feel you with warmth!

A final thought: I understand that it can be hard not to be skeptical in such a negative world; gratitude tends to get buried when darkness surrounds us.We do not need to base gratitude on our circumstances, such as: I can be happy if  I am more wealth, I can be happy if  I look a certain way. Instead, find happiness in the small things, and that will put you on a glowing path towards the big things in life. Gratitude has the power to shift focus from what your life lacks, to the amazing abundance that is already there.

Don’t wait for some ‘thing’ to happen to be grateful, be grateful that you live to see another day.


Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

*Erin hails from Portland, Oregon and is a self taught upcycled fashion designer, seamstress, and fiber artist. Want to see her work? Click here!


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