It is so funny to blog sometimes; I do not receive comments very often so even though I am blogging to the world, perhaps I am the only one reading it? Or maybe my myriad of fans are hiding, lurking, stalking my blog….Wouldn’t that be oddly comforting 🙂 Regardless, I love writing, musing, giving life wisdom, and offering creative diatribes! Today I’d like to offer a little colorful advice; smatterings of randomness if you will to lead a successful , comfortable , and fun life. What is YOUR favorite piece of life life wisdom? Share in the comments!

Random advice for a successful life

1.) If what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to do something else.

2.) Don’t eat the yellow snow .

3.) Don’t forget to pay it forward every now and then.

4.) Look in the mirror and repeat after me : What people think of me is none of my business.

5.) Let that anger go , it’s so much easier to practice happiness, I promise.

6.) If you ask for advice, be ready to receive it.

7.) Smile, often. I promise, you won’t break.

8.) Remind your kids to not do what you would do, and not to do what you wouldn’t do; that little grey area in between? That’s them.

9.) Everything is better with glitter.

10.)  If you’ve lost your crochet hook, check your bra.

11.) Tell your kids you love them, every day, without fail.

12.) Stop saying ” I can’t” ; You’re the only one telling yourself this absolute, so change it.

13.) Don’t play leapfrog with a unicorn ( I KNOW you winced after reading that).

14.)  Always be kind to your parents; you know the ones that have that house you may ask to move back into one day.

15.) Never trust anyone that says cat farts don’t smell.

16.) Never go to bed angry.

17.) Never cook frying pan foods while naked, it won’t end well.

18. ) And lastly, always be your true authentic self, there is no one better then the one you are willing to be wholly accepting of.


Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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