It seems as if everywhere we look there days there is some sort of  false reminder that our bodies are not good enough. Let me preface this by saying you ARE enough. Period. These are false reminders; but they are EVERYWHERE, driven into our culture and making us feel like something is wrong with us; and it has been like this for YEARS.And although I have noticed some small changes here and there like: More natural and normal size woman on the runways, body positive Instagram accounts, and more, it just is not enough. We need some big strides and huge changes; but these changes cannot happen by themselves, they take people like us to speak out.

So what can YOU do to promote a more positive body image? Well, you may or may not be surprised but it starts with you. The more that we can stop body shaming ourselves, AND others ( if you shame others, it is time to do some SERIOUS inner reflection), the sooner we can start making a positive difference.

. What is body shaming? It is the negative messages we send ourselves, and the mind takes over, shoving unrealistic views into our head about how we should feel about our body. The plain reality is we need to stop hurting and start loving. The more we practice self love with our bodies, the more that is projected onto society, and we can start making these positive changes towards how body image is perceived, which is often shoved on us by society.

Just so we are clear, body shaming should NEVER happen no matter what a persons size. Society is constantly shoving the ads, tv commercials and more in our face that someone is too big, too skinny, too short, too tall; NO! Not ok. It is time to start shutting these people down, because guess what ? All sizes are beautiful and by promoting that , and helping to shut down the haters, YOU are making a difference. You know what else falls in the same category ? Shaming or judging someone for the clothing that they wear. Unfortunately, especially if you are a woman, this has probably happened to you at some point in your life. Girls are shamed in schools for what they wear, shamed as women for wearing something too short, shamed for their religion for wearing to MUCH; it just never seems to stop.

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We should be building people up for taking risks, and encouraging them to be themselves. Fashion is a form of expression, and  just as and artists style grows over the years, so does personal style. So what can you do? Well, as a parent, start offering emotional support and constructive guidance, helping your child develop their own personal style. As an adult, ACT like one. Be you, don’t take shit from anyone, be firm if you are shamed, and do not tolerate it. And if you are the one doing the shaming and being Ms./Mr. Judgy Mc-Judgerson, just stop. Grow up. I promise you it is not furthering the whole life/balance goals you are trying to acheive in any sort of positive fashion, and you will drive a wedge into any relationship you have. And lastly, if you SEE someone being verbally assaulted for their clothing, or body, SPEAK UP! I see this happen far to often and have literally seen people just walk past before I step in to help, or check that this person is ok. Be strong, shout it out and DON’T TOLERATE IT!



Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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