Welcome to part 3 of ” Practicing mindset for business and life “. In this 4 part series, we will learn how to apply the proper mindset to life and business to ultimately guide success your way. Today, in part 3 we will discuss how to apply growth mindset to fixed mindset rules.

Below are some simple scenarios in which we think in a fixed mindset, and how we can switch to a growth mindset.

Fixed mindset example

Jeff studied hard for a test and when he gets the grade for his test, he is surprised to see it is much lower than he expected. As a result he decides he must be a poor student, and it is not worth it to study as much, as he will just get a low grade.

Turning it into a growth opportunity

Jeff can change his fixed mindset by realizing that this is a fantastic opportunity to grow and challenge himself by asking questions, being open and engaging with his teacher, joining a study group, getting a tutor, and mentally rewarding himself with the fact that he tried very hard, and trying does not equate to failure.


Fixed Mindset Example

Lisa wants to learn to play the guitar so she can compete in a local fair coming up in 5 months. Lisa love trying new things and is certain that 5 months is more than enough time to learn. After her 2 months and her 8th lesson, and practice on her part , she is struggling to retain the learning process.She decides she must suck at it, and is not meant to play the guitar.


Turning it into a growth opportunity

Lisa can help herself by understanding  that learning to play a guitar may not be a priority for her at this time, and her mind is mentally busy with other priorities! Clearing her plate and giving her self endless time to learn this fun new task does not have to be a stressful job with a time limit. It can be a joyful experience that Lisa can take on with confidence when she feels it will be more of a priority for her, and an understanding that even though this is a skill she has not mastered, she is wholly capable of mastering it.

Those with a growth mindset see challenges as an opportunity to grow.,and are persistent in their actions. YOU are capable of a growth mindset ; the brain IS malleable and gets stronger through effort, positivity,seeking out help in areas that it is needed, and trying new strategies. Stay tuned next week for part 4, the final in my mindset series, where I will wrap up with some final thoughts.



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