Welcome to part 2 of ” Practicing mindset for business and life “. In this 4 part series, we will learn how to apply the proper mindset to life and business to ultimately guide success your way. In part 1 we discussed what mindset was and how people usually tend to see it. Today in part 2 I will discuss growth mindset, and understanding how it works.

The tools you need are not actual, physical tools, they are mental, and emotional tools you create yourself!  In order to change our fixed mindset that we have trained ourselves to follow day in and day out, we must adopt a growth mindset to RE-TRAIN our minds to seek out what we want and are capable of gaining. To understand this concept, let me first explain what growth mindset is. First of all, we  ALL have a mixture of a fixed and growth mindset; you are not born with one or the other. The mixture of the 2 continues to grow and evolve with experience.

A growth mindset is not  simply being open minded; it is a mindset that allows people to value what they’re doing regardless of the outcome.They are ready to accept change & also adapt to it by achieving mastery rather that simply “accepting” what fixed state they’ve created in their minds. In a growth mindset your abilities are entirely due to your actions. Now the question is how can we use the tools of growth mindset and apply them to real life examples of life and business? I will share scenarios, and how to apply growth mindsets to these scenarios in part 3 of practicing mindset for business and life.



Erin Bass

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