Welcome to my blog series : Practicing mindset for business and life. There will be 4 parts to this series , posted weekly. In this series, we will learn how to apply the proper mindset to life and business to ultimately guide mental and financial success your way.

To start off this series, let’s discuss what mindset is. Mindset, quite literally are beliefs about yourself, your traits, and your skills in life. There are those that have a fixed mindset that these traits are “just” who you are, and no amount of talent or hard work will change that. I myself am the polar opposite of that belief. I believe that with an open and inviting mindset you can change these skills and traits to attract exactly what you want and need in life.

You do not need to depend on luck to change your mindset; instead you can adopt a growth mindset and put your focus on the things in life that have been setting you back. What are some examples of these things and how can we start to apply these growth mindset tools to life and business? Stick around in part 2 of my mindset series next week, and we will discuss these tools!  Remember, a fixed mindset can always be changed; YOU are in charge of your life!




Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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