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I am really noticing a trend in the last month, and feel it is going to ROCK 2017; velvet! Soft and flowly velvet dresses, Embellished jackets, velvet hats, vintage velvet, Victorian style velvet, and so much more!

I Love Velvet

Soft romanticism has never gone out of style, it now only seems to be really coming back. Velvet’s soft glow seems to flatter all bodies, and brings a lovely glow to all that wear. 

Velvet was once( and can still be) very expensive and was reserved for only the very wealthy. There are many different types of velvet, including: Chiffon velvet, Cisele,crushed, burnout,embossed, hammered, velveteen, silk….the list goes on! My personal favorite is silk velvet, it is shiny and the softest and most luxurious.

Let’s take a look at some amazing handmade products that feature velvet!

This stunning vintage velvet maxi dress can be found at Apple Branches Vintage

I Love Velvet - Dress

A classic example of burnout velvet, this silk kimono duster is stunning with it’s art deco print. Find this beauty at Sunheart Clothing on Etsy

Sunheart Clothing

This is a fabulous example of upcycling; this velvet jacket has been embellished with beauty! Find this jacket at Unigunde on Etsy

Upcycle Velvet

I am in love with this patchwork velvet purse! Love the hippie vibe it gives, and would be perfect for any summer festival! You can find this bag at Loop the Loop on Etsy.

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