Do you think daydream about manifesting your dreams? What comes to mind when you hear about business gurus , entrepreneurs, fashion moguls and more manifesting their millions? Are you skeptical? Do you easily believe it can happen to you? Well, for most it is skepticism; it seems so easy to focus on the negative instead of actually believing that these intelligent entrepreneurs actually manifested their riches with the power of positive thinking and hard work.  I am here to tell you that you can do it as well, and manifest your dreams.

Manifestation is not hard! It is getting in the MINDSET that most people struggle with.  What is the first step to manifesting your dreams?  IDENTIFYING what you want! There needs to be a clear goal with what you want in order to begin the manifestation process, with clear focus on that goal and seeing it come true. Remember, the universe does not work in negatives, so never ask for what you DON’T want (e.g. I don’t want to be poor), always ask for what you DO want: I WILL manifest monetary success for my business every day !

It is also crucial to actualize and visualize these goals daily! Make them a part of your entire being; feel them, think them, imagine them coming true! This can be very difficult to do for some, as they cannot imagine the HOW of the manifestation. That is why isn’t  is important to be unattached to the outcome. What does this mean? Focus on your dream, see it becoming a reality, but be unattached to how that will happen, as that will cloud the process. The how does not matter, the fact that you are not being limited by what your capable of manifesting is the most important.

Let’s go over these tips to get you started on your way to manifesting the life of your dreams:

1.)   Identify your dreams

2.) Ask for what you want, not what you DON’T want

3.) Visualize  your goals mentally, emotionally, and physically

4.) Be unattached to the outcome

5.) Practice gratitude daily

6.) Keep a manifestation journal 

These are just a few of the tips to getting on your road to manifesting a rich and fulfilling life. Remember, we are what we think and do, so only gratitude, and a positive attitude will assist you in this journey….oh, and BELIEVING that positivity as utter truth! Now get out there and start manifesting the life that you deserve!



Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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