Is it possible to make your dreams come true with one simple step? I promise you this is not some weirdo paid ad that will promise to hand you your dreams in a nice wrapped up package; this is instead a real person sitting here and telling you to get up off your butt and start moving, and to do that you have to believe that what you are doing is real, authentic, and true. ” WHAAAAA , Erin???”

So, let me back up  a bit. I read, a lot, and I am not talking magazine articles! I read the GOOD shit; self help books, books on growing your business, complex mysteries, thrilling supernatural stories, quantum physics…. ok, the last one is a total crock, but it felt so enthralling to type it. Well, my goal was to read 200 books this year…..yeah, right. ha! ?mean, who reads that much, I have 2 teenager, a full-time business, AND I am a theater actress! The nerve! ha…but I digress. I have actually read nearly 80 books, an by year end I am sure I will slip in a few more; reading this much has really done something amazing to my mental state, in ways that seem hard to describe. Read. It is good for you. I promise. But I digress again. So I came upon this fabulous book by an author named “Jen Sincero“, called ” You are a badass-How to stop doubting your greatness and live an awesome life”. THIS. BOOK. CHANGED.MY.FREAKIN.LIFE!!!! I have since read it  2 more times. You must read it for yourself, as it will affect everyone differently, but it really helped me to see myself in a way I never thought possible, and start believing in who I am and what I am capable of. Well, lo and behold I find out she has a companion to this book called ” You are a badass at making money” Holy forking shirtballs, I freaked out! And this is where my “dreams coming true with one simple step comes in”….READ THESE BOOKS. TREAT THEM LIKE THE HOLY FRIGGIN GRAIL OF ALL BOOKS.

“But Erin, how does this help me find the magical step to my new found happiness”? First off you need to read the books , but here are a few tidbits to get you started: the key to manifesting your dreams is seeing them as the ultimate truth, and seeing yourself actively living this lifestyle. Really this is not hard, but most of us have already internally decided in our sub-conscious that we “can’t” do something, even when are trying to be positive! The first step towards living your dreams is shifting to a more positive way of thinking ,and then learning how to turn that thinking into a living reality. We are the makers of our dreams, and it all boils down to choice. So rather than overwhelm you with info, your homework is to go read these books and report back to me! 

Manifestation is not a magic wand, we have to change our thought patterns and that does take some work, but if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  I would love to hear below what YOUR dreams are that you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to share; I am here to encourage you, YOU GOT THIS!!!!! Now, I must go off to my trailer to learn lines for my new epic fantasy blockbuster movie  I am starring in….oh, wait that is a dream; I guess it is time to make that a reality, eh?


Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*


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