I know things are a little up in the air right now, and we are doing our best to social distance and be safe; that unfortunately means that halloween celebrations, and trick or treating in the traditional sense for many are just not happening right now. That certainly does not mean that you have to go dark on Halloween(ha!). Below are some creative ideas for making this spooky holiday of Halloween Memorable!


  • Dress up! Who says that you can’t have fun with your family? Go ot your favorite thrift store and piece together a unique costume!
  • You can still hand out candy to the cuties! Be creative, create a candy shoot and safely deliver treats; find a way to safely social distance while offering candy to all those adorably dressed kids!
  • Um, hello, scary movie-a-thon anyone!?!? Make a list of your favorites and hunker down for a spooky screen night!
  • Missing those adult Halloween costume contests you usually attend? Why not have one on zoom? Put on your best costume, pick a few people to judge and have fun picking a winner. You can even mail out prizes to the winners!
  • Have a Halloween bake-a-thon and give your treats silly names! Spook-Etti or Boo-berry pie anyone?


These are just a few of the fun ideas to make this Halloween more special; sometimes we just have to be extra creative to make the most of our favorite holidays! Cheers to a Happy Halloween! 



Erin Bass

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