Jen sincero has always been my hero; with her go get em attitude about grabbing life by it’s (ahem) and taking charge, i feel instantly inspired! The problem is…it wanes. I have listened to all of Jen’s books, several times I might add, but when I am not reading her books, or other motivational books…life gets in the way and the positivity tends to backslide as that ugly negativity takes over. I am sure you have felt this before, and I am here to help! It is time to learn how to lighten up, and not take things so seriously.

Compartmentalizing is hard, and I will willingly admit I have an extremely difficult time doing it. When life hands you stress, it is hard not to let them meld together like a  nasty growth in the corner of your brain( nice analogy, right? 🙂 )  Well, what if we just chose to, like… happy? GASP! Even I have great difficulty seeing how that would work, but I promise you it is the absolutely best direction you can run in! 

We essentially need to learn how to lighten up, especially in times of great stress. Let teacher Erin help:

“Every feeling we have is what, students” ?

A CHOICE, Miss Erin”!!!!!

That’s right, a choice! It is so easy for us to choose pain without even thinking, so why is it not as easy to choose happiness? There are many answers to that; environment, what we have been conditioned to think, years of evolution, and so much more. How can we change our thinking? Well, it all starts with a choice. Decide to get out of victim mode, decide to choose freedom and happiness, decide that smiling is better than frowning, decide to stop taking things personally. And the list goes on.  Look, it is not east, and I am not suggesting you change in one day, it takes a very strong individual to accomplish EVERYTHING in one day, you can still be strong by knocking one off your list.

Have fun, laugh, surround yourself with like-minded individuals, be kind, play pretend, have a tickle fight, sing at the top of your lungs for no reason, tell someone you love them, tell YOURSELF you love you, and believe it.



Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*



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