Do you want to learn how to change worry to joy? Let’s talk a little bit about worry, and how it invades our lives, and what we can do to change it for the better. 

Do you ever worry that you will get sick? Maybe you have a big event coming up and you NEED everything to go perfect; you really hope you do NOT get sick. You stress about it every moment of every day, it keeps you awake, you are exhausted, tired, and so stressed you might get sick… and then the inevitable happens, you get sick. But, how? Was it just plain bad luck? It makes you angry, thus now even more stressed. Here is the harsh reality: You caused it! ” OMG, WHAT, Erin? Why would you blame me? I took every precaution!”

The problem in a scenario such as this, is that the worry that turns into extreme stress, lack of sleep, and more, is what caused the person in this pretend situation to get ill. Stress sets off a fight or flight survival response that triggers so much within our bodies; elevated blood pressure, weakened immune systems, digestive disorders and so much more. Did you know that stress can impair the formation of new- and fast growing cells, like bone, and hair?! That is SERIOUS. It also affects and impairs your mental health; and this is not to scare you, but to be real and very transparent … stress and worry can even cause death. I know that is something that is hard to process and sit with, but it is very serious, and very real.  We must make serious changes in our lives , because living in a state of perpetual  anxiety is doing absolutely no good for our lives, our bodies, or our minds.

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So how can we start implementing changes within our lives to start producing a more mentally, and physically positive outcome? Here are my beginner tips to really start helping yourself to get a grip, and cut out the worry and stress that is taking a huge toll on your mental and physical health. Do not be afraid to be mediocre in life, it is all part of learning how to have a healthy lifestyle! Remember; often the fear of failure is worse than the actual failing. Don’t stress and worry of falling off the proverbial bike; you can get up as many times as you need until you are happy with the results.

1.) Meditate

I know, meditation can be very difficult for some; clearing your mind even for 5 minutes can seem like a chore. But instead of clearing your mind, simply focus on your breathing. Breath in, breath out. Repeat those words, and continue for at least 5 minutes. Start your day like this and increase time when you are ready. Every time your mind wanders, repeat this word over and over : BREATHE.

2.) Journaling

Being able to express your thoughts to yourself is amazingly gratifying. By writing them out we release tension, but we also get to be real and raw, in a way that we might not be with family or friends. Get a journal that really speaks to you, and let it all out, but be careful of negative self talk on paper! Inspire yourself to find ways to soothe that inner demon and focus on the positive reinforcement you are having on your life.

3.) Exercise

Look, I get it, exercise and movement makes some cringe, the thought of working so hard you sweat AND hurt?!? But moving your body in a way that brings you joy is the way you SHOULD be exercising. Not only is exercise good for the body and keeping it healthy, but it is excellent for mental health as well. If you hate the gym, don’t go! These days, there are plenty of places online you can find free workouts, and boogie away in the comfort of your own home if that is what you choose to do. As Elle Woods said in legally Blonde “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” So true!

4.) Surround yourself with your tribe

A large portion of how we act is affected by those that we hang around and how they influence us. That is why it is so important that you have a tight knit tribe that is REALLY there for YOU, has your best interest at heart, and are not takers. Takers are very self focused, and try to gain as much as they can from those they are around, without contributing at all. Givers tend to offer support to others with no strings attached. That is not to say you should not have boundaries in life, but you want to surround yourself with people that do not expect in return when they give.   Surrounding yourself with a tight knit tribe that has your best interest at heart will bring loving positivity into your life.



Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

*Erin hails from Portland, Oregon and is a self taught upcycled fashion designer, seamstress, and fiber artist. Want to see her work? Click here!

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