Hey Friends, we all need a little hope and love, some inspiring words during hard times. I hope this makes you feel comforted, worthy and loved! Save this, print it out, and read these reminders every day 🙂


just a little reminder.…. you are worthy.

Just a little reminder... It is ok to have the feelings that are overwhelming you.

Just a little reminder…. It is ok to scream into a pillow, ask for a hug, or cry for no reason.

Just a little reminder… Not every day will be like this, it will get better, I promise.

Just a little reminder… to take your vitamins.

Just a little reminder… to get enough sleep.

Just a little reminder... to laugh and smile.

Just a little reminder… to nourish your body with whole foods.

Just a little reminder... you’re never to old to watch cartoons.

Just a little reminder... You are loved.


Times are certainly rough, but we must keep pushing through the emotional sludge. This post was meant to remind you of how much value you hold in this world, and how I KNOW you will be ok!  Care for you, you are worth it.


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