Inspiration comes from within

We have all waited for that pull, that desire; to feel “inspired” by something. But how long is to long to wait, seems to be the question many are asking. Well, I am here to tell you that inspiration comes from within, and if the ultimate goal is to fulfill your dreams, it is time to start putting one foot in front of the other.

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Our inner fire blooms from within, at first a tiny dancing flame, and if we work hard enough we will burst out of our shell like a magnificent thunderstorm of creativity. To become what we dream of, what we know we are destined to fulfill, we must put one foot in front of the other,never in yearning to turn back becasue our destiny lies ahead of us.

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“How do I begin the path to my destiny?” That is easy; It all starts with one simple and beautiful way of seeing yourself: Self Love. Self love is so powerful, so magical, and can lift you up to such unimaginable heights, you will experience life in a way you never thought possible. Your journey to self love may have barriers, but it is only up to you to climb over them. 

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So I offer you some homework to get you started of your amazing journey: Every morning when you wake up, look in the mirror, and out loud I want you to tell yourself one reason you are happy to be alive and breathing.It may not seem like much, but it is a start, and will throttle your mind into a positive way of thinking. Remember; you are worthy. You matter. And you are a shining star in this big and beautiful world.



Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*




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