Screw resolutions; you don’t need to be tied down by struggling to do something you forced yourself to commit too. Instead simply say : I will, as if you WILL yourself to bust out of that 2017 carcass (sorry i know, EW) and show off the new you. With jazz hands, of course.

And don’t get down on yourself if you don’t. By simply striving to make changes instead of putting a time and date stamp on it , and then really freaking out when you don’t, you will achieve more. I promise you!

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Here are my “I WILL’S” for 2018, I can’t wait!

  •  WILL  make confident choices based off instinct
  • I  WILL  be more organized as a business owner
  • I  WILL make leaps and bounds both personally and financially in my business
  • I  WILL  learn to love myself more
  • I  WILL  showcase at least one fashion show
  • I  WILL  be a better mom, partner, and human being
  • I  WILL  donate more to charity
  • I  WILL  strive to have a positive attitude in situations where it may be difficult
  • I  WILL  meditate more
  • I  WILL  make major changes to my physical health
  • I  WILL  invite turning 40 into a fun and exciting new chapter in my life
  • WILL work on understanding my fear of death

These are the major areas I will strive to work on and I know that YOU too can do the same! Make a list and look at it every single day, tape up somewhere you can see it every morning, make a daily reminder on your phone to read it every day, and take action. You CAN live the life you choose to live, and it can be as fantastical as you want, but you can’t do it sitting down. Get up , get moving, and make 2018 FANTABULOUS!


Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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