Did you know that you can achieve your dreams by having gratitude? “ Um, Erin I just do not see how that is possible?!” Well, it is, but the key is consistency, and ACTUALLY feeling grateful! I am going to explain the why’s and give you some tips on the how’s.

I feel the practice of gratitude is the difference between success and failure. No matter how self motivated we may feel, there are always forces around us that affect how we live our daily lives, and unfortunately for most of us we tend to fully accept the negative and unwillingly embrace the positive. 

You may be defending yourself right now, thinking” I embrace positivity all the time”! But here is a small little test for you that will give you a dose of reality. Look back of the last full week you had. Without writing anything down I want you to think of any negative things you may have had happen, bad moments, bad days, self loathing, anger, sadness. How many instances did you have arise? Plenty I am sure. Now how about positive , gratitude inducing moments? I am not talking about ” oh i guess it was nice I sat for 5 minutes and relaxed”. What did you truly have to be grateful for? What days were AMAZING? What do YOU define as amazing? What made you euphorically happy ?

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For most this is a difficult test; we easily embrace the negative and rarely embrace the positive, even though positive is SO easy to embrace and feels euphorically better! We literally need to take a step back from the distractions of life and honor the fact that we are living human beings that are free to live our lives exactly as we want, with as much success as we want, NO ONE is stopping you… EXCEPT YOU! And yes, it really is that easy, if you stop thinking and start doing, you can achieve your dreams while practicing gratitude daily.  Grateful people are : Less depressed, happier, healthier, more alert and engaged, more resilient to trauma, sleep better, achieve more…the list goes on!  Gratitude is not about how little or how much you have, but about the story you have to tell about it. I am going to offer you some tips on how you can get started on your journey to gratitude.

1.) Start a gratitude list

Write down 5 things you are grateful for every day. Yes it may seem hard, but will get easier. It can be ANYTHING; family, love, the air you breath, dogs, cats, your life, home, teachers, the solar system, etc. But do it every day, and get yourself a special journal to write it in.

2.) Practice self love

Self love is crucial to happiness, happiness is crucial to gratitude. Loving YOU is more important than loving anyone ELSE, it is crucial to know and remember this. When you start to love you , you will easily love others and your gratitude journey will blossom.

3.) Don’t compare yourself to others

Unfortunately, social media has really twisted our minds into seeing a falsehood as far as what society says we should feel, act, and look like; DO NOT believe this falsehood! It is wonderful to want to improve, but only do it for YOU, not under the guise of comparison.  One of my favorite quotes by Oprah says “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” Practice gratitude for what you have, not what you don’t.

4.) Eliminate gossip and be present

When we spend time talking about others, we siphon unwanted negative energy from that type of activity, and take away from staying present and in the moment with ourselves. When you catch yourself thinking about what others are doing, change your tune to: is this helping me feel grateful? How can I turn this into a moment of gratitude?


I want you to know that I understand this all seems overwhelming, and no one is asking you to immediately make these changes, I still have to work at it daily! Start small, and work your way up. Just remember that success is earned, not given. The more you lead a grateful and happy life, the more you will open up beautiful energy to the successful life you have always dreamed of!



Erin Bass

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