When I started Dramatique Designs, I had a passion for committing to a life of saving the planet and showcasing my “dramatic and theatrical” background through what I make. I knew that I was a born activist and that I could break out of my shy shell and educate folks about the waste they put on this earth while giving them zero waste options to buy. I pivoted even more and started to use my voice when my teenager came out as non-binary and needed help navigating what this world had to offer them; it really made me put some deep thought into fashion and how it relates to gender identification.

We all have our own perception of what fashion and style should look like, but clothing is meant to cover us and let us express what we feel our style is. When we label clothing: Men’s, Women’s, etc… We give the false impression that a man cannot wear a woman’s clothing, and vice versa. We need to get rid of all labels and make all clothing genderless. If you are a man, woman, trans, nonbinary, etc. and you want to wear a dress because it looks comfortable and you love the color and style; then you should. In fact, I will make it simple: If you are a human being and want to wear dresses, pants, suits, bras, underwear, sneakers, heels lace, bright colors, muted colors, layered clothing, funky hats, makeup, or no makeup…. That is your right and choice as a human being to express yourself however you want.

I am not speaking of androgynous clothing ( having characteristics of both sexes), or unisex (a style in which men and women look and dress in a similar way), because these phrases  are old, and do not cater to inviting ALL identified genders into the picture. We need to stop creating clothing lines for one gender, and instead, design them for ALL genders. We must rid of the idea that pink is for girls, and blue for boys, rugged; for men, delicate for women. The idea that humans are either male or female is deeply ingrained in western culture; however, sex and gender are not perfectly binary, so I ask: why should fashion be?

I may not have all of the answers, but I will say that as a zero waste fashion designer I want EVERYBODY to feel comfortable and free to shop with me and wear my designs. I am commited to making everyone feel welcome at Dramatique Designs, and I think as a society we all must do better!




Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer * Upcycler*Girlboss*

*Erin hails from Portland, Oregon and is a self taught upcycled fashion designer, seamstress, and fiber artist. Want to see her work? Click here

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