Let me paint the scenario for you; Wake up, work, get home( or in my case, walk out of office into kitchen) make dinner for the family, prep coffee for next day, do chores you haven’t been able to get to like laundry, if you are lucky sneak in a show in front of the TV. Then you attempt to give your mind some nourishment and love by laying down to read, yet the glow of your phone beckons you to Facebook-land. And after way to much time social media surfing, you eventually attempt to fitfully drift off to sleep, giving your body a nice 4 – 5 hour “nap” you wake up to wash , rinse, and repeat. Weekends are SOOO relaxing though, right?  Try: major grocery shopping, more laundry, housecleaning, spending time with other half, kids, and if you are lucky maybe a friend. But for the most part it is a case of deja vu as you repeat the same week, over, and over.

The company “Paychex” did a survey in 2017 of over 2000 employees ranging in age on the current state of stress and the American worker. As per the article shared on CNBC(dot) com shared :


” Participants were asked to rank their stress on a scale of one to five. One in four, 25.7 percent to be precise, said their stress was at a level four. And, 4.9 percent said it was at a five out of five. Altogether, more than 70 percent of respondents ranked their stress at a level three or higher. Over 60 percent said that they felt stressed three or more workdays per week, on average. This means that, on any given day, more workers are feeling stressed than not. This state really is the norm.”

The fact that this IS the norm and has been for so many years is entirely disconcerting. When do we decide that our mental health is MOST important? It is time to take back control of our lives, and design it how WE want it to be!  There really can be a balance to work, life, home with time for yourself, and i am going to offer my top tips on achieving that!

1.) Start creating limits

Limits, you ask? Yes, it is time to know when you should say no. Examples could be: telling friends no, putting off laundry for a few days, saying no to overtime at work, not cooking and letting everyone fend for themselves; it IS ok to say no, and focus on YOU!

2.)Have a date night

Now if you are single , you COULD be scoffing at this, but wait! I promise to entice you. Having a firm date night, once a week is so so so important, and will set good examples if you have kids. If you are single then pick a friend, family member to get together with once a week, but don’t spend it alone. Stress free management should include time away to celebrate life.

3.) Take a vacation

Yes, I know vacations get get costly, so you will need to create whatever version of a vacation for yourself that will allow you to escape it all. You may not be able to book an exotic international escape, so then think of closer options: a cabin in the woods to offer a romantic and quiet escape, a quaint bed and breakfast ( I highly recommend Victoria B.C.), A sunny beach escape, a lakeside retreat; whatever it may be , make it long, and make it well worth it.

4.) Take a break from social media

I know what you may be thinking : ” Social media RELAXES me” , but no, it doesn’t.  It can be hard to remember what life was like without social media and a piece of technology at our fingertips at any given moment. Social media is now the most prevalent way of finding the newest everything in music, movies, clothing, finding people, etc. I mean, have you ever heard the term ” google tells me EVERYTHING” ? It is true that there is not much you CAN’T find on google. But when is technology overload too much, and how is it stressing us? Well, for one we are losing the connection with other humans, and it is just not enough to “connect ” on social media.We often feel pressured to portray our ideal selves for everyone to see, and people often post to boost their  image. It is time to take a break, and focus on YOU , your family, and the beautiful life you have in front of you; it WILL reduce the stress in your life!


Lastly, please remember : YOU are in control of your life and how it plays out, don’t let life control YOU!




Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*





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