I love fall with it’s cozy sweaters, yummy teas, and beautiful  leaves; but I especially love cozy-ing under my covers at night with the window opened just slightly. That bite of cold, fresh air is such a delight under my warm covers.


Here in my studio, I am frantically trying to drum up some gorgeous denim art coats that my fabulous and creative customers can look forward to rocking. As most of my work is done by hand, it is proving to take much longer than initially anticipated, since, well……by hand! While I may only end up creating 2 jackets by year end if I am lucky, I will be offering some yummy new upcycled sweater gloves in my shop. Who DOESN’T love sweater gloves? Oh so cozy while you are sipping on your trendy pumpkin spice latte. Make sure check back frequently to keep up to date with all the new items I will be offering!

In the meantime we’re not check out this little video of me doing some hand embroidery on my upcoming  denim art jacket . Enjoy; and remember I love to hear feedback so be sure to comment below !



Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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