Part of growing as a person is owning up and being vocal about how you feel…no matter how weird it sounds. So it’s time for me to unleash my shame diary, even though it wants to make me run and hide.

I care what others think of me , specifically online. It feels ooookey even admitting that. I recently have gone on a health journey, not the first. The last year of my life has been emotionally taxing, and although I stayed fairly committed to my eating healthy lifestyle, I hibernated. When I wasn’t required to be around people, I stayed in, wrapped in my snuggie, ignoring my phone, and generally avoiding people. I did yoga for stress relief and not much else..I slipped into darkness, I hid, I gained some weight, i got depressed.

I have pulled myself out of my funk and begun to start a journey of health and exercise; while tracking my process of facebook, instagram, etc. A guilt started creeping up, an intense feeling that people vehemently did not want to see my health journey posts, they didn’t want to see me be healthy and happy. Perhaps that may or may not be true, but someone reminded me of this : what I am doing is for ME and nobody else, and if they don’t like it they can keep scrolling. As women especially, we have been taught growing up to sit back and be quite…well, things are changing, we are HUMAN beings and we will be heard.  We have to stop caring what others feel and think, and NOT be ashamed in any way of who we are. WE are responsible for navigating our own lives, making our own decisions , and the influence of others thoughts or opinions is for the most part irrelevant. 

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A world of clones is not right or sustainable. It is time to start embracing your uniqueness and who you are as an individual. Your biggest challenge is to keep moving forward despite anyone’s judgement about who you are or how you live your life.Honor the value you bring to others life and most important: TO YOU.




Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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