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You’ve heard the phrase” go big or go home”; and I have always really resonated with this quote because I really feel that it applies greatly to the worlds artists; whether you draw, knit, paint, sew, act on stage, etc; it has an important message.

In order to create big, we have to think big, and in order to think big we have to open our creative minds and be willing to fall into the abyss! It can be scary because often we feel like we must have a plan, follow a pattern, do things a certain way , and if we “mess up” start over. Well,what if we didn’t have a plan? What if we just created in real time? There would be no”messing up”, we would be THINKING BIG! 

Inspiration comes on it’s own when when it is not expected, but the problem is we have become obsessed with internet, social media, and gaining inspiration from patterns, tutorials, etc. Well, there is no video tutorial for the vision of art you are creating in your head. It is time to start developing some creative habits that will allow you to flourish. Enjoy the tips below, and remember: go big or go home! Create wild and free art, that allows YOU to be YOU!


  • Create with a quite atmosphere we are able to fully release the jail in our minds in bouts of solitude.
  • Exercise! We have all heard the term”Exercise creates endorphin’s”. Well that helps to alleviate depression, create euphoric feelings,boost self esteem, ward off anxiety; these are all things you NEED in order to freely create!
  • Eat right. Giving our body’s the proper nutrition it needs, and drinking plenty of water is going to do the same thing as exercise, plus it is going to give you the proper fuel and make you a ball of energy; just what you need to attack your art with wild abandon!


And to prove to you that you WILL fail, possibly many times before create masterpieces by freeing your mind, here are some famous names that failed big time before making it big. GO BIG OR GO HOME!


  1. Jim CarreyHis family were so poor that he had to drop out of high school at the age of 15 and get a job as a janitor just to help support the family.On his first comic stand-up routine he was booed off stage. Later, when he auditioned for Saturday Night Live he did not get the part.
  2. Oprah WinfreyOprah led a dark and difficult childhood, even become pregnant at the tender age of 14, with her son dying shortly after birth.Fast forward to her college years Oprah landed a TV host gig, but was quickly fired and told she was “unfit for television”. Looks like that is not the case now with all of her success!
  3. Walt Disney In 1919 Walt was fired from one of his first animation jobs at the Kansas City Star newspaper because his editor felt he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas,”,; he continued to fail when Disney acquired “laugh-o’gram” an animation  studio, and Disney drove it to bankruptcy.Well look at him now, creator of Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, and winner of 22 Academy Awards.



Do not give up. Ever. If you believe in your art, then make it happen; create with passion, wild abandon, and vigor.



Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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