2019 is here, and it is a year of fabulous new creations at Dramatique Designs. I feel so excited about this fresh year, and all the possibilities and inspiration it has to offer.

I am nearly ready to reveal an amazing new embroidered coat to you that I have been working so hard on, and am so excited in the spring to introduce a line of upcycled denim and linen shirts with fantastical hand embroidered designs on them. From fantasy themes like mermaids and unicorns, to powerhouse quotes you can rock; there will be something for everyone!

I am also very excited to say that later on in the year I will be offering some limited time Gender neutral upcycled blazers! These blazers will be great for men and women!

With so many creative designs to look forward to, you will want to to keep your eye on Dramatique Designs website this year! And in the meantime check out all the amazing items I have to offer right now by visiting my shop by clicking here


Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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