Change is a unique word with much meaning; it can literally mean “loose change”, which in of itself is funny, we can carry loose change, OR we can “loosely change”, which honestly is what most do. They commit to change, but only in a loose manner. I am here to share that change must be a full on, heart stopping commitment, and there is nothing loose about that.

I will never forget the first time I meekly eeked out to my therapist nearly 8 years ago ” I want to change”.  And he responded “ Thant is the first step, Erin”.  And I am here to lovingly share how true that is! WANTING to change truly is the first step, but we must place some other steps in front of us as well to make a complete “change staircase” so to speak. And you can make that staircase as big or as small as you want to start with, just never stop adding to it, because moving forward is what is required of change.

Internal change allows you to become the person that you want to be; it is an important life skill and shows commitment to progression, and confidence in your ability to take action. Change is important because it impacts our lives, if we do not experience different things, we become stagnant with our lives and are not willing to embrace newness!

Just like anyone else, I am not perfect. I often slip back into old habits, BUT the one thing that has never changed since I eeked out that phrase 8 yearse ago was my DESIRE to change, and the action I put behind it. Yes, sometimes I fall off my bike, or ride down the wrong path, but the desire and need to always be better is there, and I always pick myself back up, dust myself off, and start all over again ( Of course there had to be a musical reference in there).

Make a difference, and today say outloud” I want to change” . That is your first step to taking action towards the rest of whatever life YOU desire. 



Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer Upcycler*Girlboss*

*Erin hails from Portland, Oregon and is a self taught upcycled fashion designer, seamstress, and fiber artist. Want to see her work? Click here

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