It seems like, as small brands and artists, we are always looking for those specific phrases or words to describe what we do.When I think of words like  artisan, niche, and indie; I think small, independently owned,producing unique products in small quantities, etc. Although indie companies can often be larger than a “one man band” so to speak; there is still a very deliberate sense of creative passion that goes into these companies working environment. They really care about handcrafting their products, and taking time to listen to what their customers want. These are the types of companies that will  often garner an answer from the owner if you write them asking a question about their products. It is personal, and we as customers really desire and appreciate that.

Calling yourself an “Artisan” does not mean a guarantee of a quality product, so it is not a term to use loosely. But a true artisan product is going to be one of quality, care, and are quite personal as they as they are crafted by hand, in small quantities ; this really encompasses what a small brand is all about. Artisan really means to create something of value to your community, and work to bring your vision to life. You CAN be big, you can be noticed, and get your name out there; you do NOT have to be a big designer brand to create a name for yourself! You just have to work hard, follow your passion, and show your customers why they need what you are creating!

What does Artisan mean to you? What about niche, or indie? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*

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