Want to know the three tips for bringing joy to your life ? Negativity seeps through us on a daily basis; it affects our home life, our business, our friendships, and worst of all : ourselves!  Why do we find it so hard to pop some positivity into our lives? Well, I am going to offer 3 simple changes you can make every day to not only bring a smile to your own face, but brighten the world around you. 

1.) Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude throughout your day will change your mood for the better, I guarantee it! Does this mean you have to hands and knees praise everything that crosses your path throughout the day? Goodness no! A simple hug or appreciating smile makes all the difference in the world to lift your mood.

2.) Meditate

Mediation has long been proven to reduce stress and bring clarity, and a deep flow of positivity to the mind. Even if you have never meditated before you can start, it is so easy. Find a quiet space that no one else is in. I enjoy dimming the lights and putting on some relaxing instrumental music. Simply focus on your breathing for your 10 minute meditation; gently clearing your mind. If you find you continue to have things clutter your mind, bring the focus back to the word ” breathe” and focus on that.

3.) Call a friend

It is so easy to want to “hole up” when we are feeling gloomy, and shut out the rest of the world. Chances are you have at least one or 2 friends that you can count on at a moments notice. Call up one of these close friends and dish about life for a bit. Hearing a comforting voice will start to heal that sadness inside ; true friendship is the elixir of life!

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