I am sure you have heard the term ” Your clothes are a reflection of you”, and there is a lot of truth and validity to that. Well, in the same vein, your business and how you operate it is also a reflection of you.  It is not just what you make that reflects your creativity, but how you SEE your business, and how you carry yourself. 

It isn’t easy to run a career out of your home. There are plenty of distractions from laundry to kids; but when we do not allow our focus to be on the task at hand, our confidence wanes and reflects upon the whole of our business.  Everything around you is a mirror of what is happening inside, so if you are stuck in a rut, or something just is not working in your business than it is time to make some changes. What are some changes that you can make to instill these positivity within you? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Let go of relationships that are stifling your work flow; while a challenging relationship can be good, you want someone who is ultimately on the same team as you.
  • In order to BE a success, we must ACT like a success. Let go of the stinking thinking and realize that money is NOT what makes you a success, but ultimately confidence is.
  • Stop worrying. If worry becomes your focus, then your business will suffer right along with you.

Remember; in order for your business to change, or for that matter most anything in your life, YOU must change. You hold the power to create a beautiful destiny, why hold back? Look in the mirror; the solution will always be what is staring back at you.


Erin Bass

*Fashion Designer*Creator*Unicorn Whisperer*


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